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I make 3D animations on request for promotional videos, presentations and simulations for architecture.

Encouragement through the use of morphs, with rigging and vector for movement of camera and objects.


Development of video mapping projects 3 and 2D on request, from the creative side to the content development, assembly, van rental and projectors. I take care of the complete project.


Virtual Reality

Development of complete projects in virtual reality for use by Oculus Touch (ergonomic controls that simulate the hands) and also made simple programming through the system of nodes in Unreal 4.

Engineering & Digital Print

Custom design of tools for the industry field or models for printing in plastic.


I'm working in an individual videogame project and I work with a team to develop custom work.

Let the entery project in our hands!

Architecture & design

The most basic part of design and 3D.

I develop custom designs and inphography of interior design and architecture in 3D.

My way of working: Comunication and closeness

Mi modo de trabajo: Comunicación y cercanía

EN – The main advantage of working with me will be that both the commercial and creative approach and the development will be with the same person.

What does this mean? That my clients will never find commercials that speak of products or techniques that they do not know in depth.

Throughout my career I have worked in many companies, and this ends up being one of the biggest burdens besides a constant source of confusion.

Another of the main advantages will be the budget: Having no infrastructure to maintain, I can afford to accept lower budgets if the projects seem interesting to me.

Tell me what your ideas are without any commitment.

ES – La principal ventaja al trabajar conmigo será que tanto el trato comercial y creativo como el desarrollo serán con la misma persona.

¿Qué quiere decir esto? Que mis clientes nunca darán con comerciales que hablen de productos o técnicas que no conozcan a fondo.

A lo largo de mi carrera he trabajado en muchas empresas, y éste acaba siendo uno de los mayores lastres además de un foco de confusiones constantes.

Otra de las principales ventajas será el presupuesto: Al no tener una infraestructura que mantener, puedo permitirme aceptar presupuestos más bajos si los proyectos me parecen interesantes.

Cuéntame cuáles son tus ideas sin ningún compromiso.

Usual orders | Encargos habituales


Special dinner

Zenital videomapping over the table of the restaurant.

I develop a custom animation using the plates and cups like elements to play. Transforming them, we will tell a story.


Videomapping for weeding

For the most special day, I can help you to tell a love story using the sculpture of a cake as a projection surface.


Virtual scenographies for theater

If you have a show in theater and the physical scenography is too expensive or is not possible to create it...

I will help you to create a virtual scenography to tell your story.


Visuals for disco & shows

If you want to create a visual impact in the shows of your disco...

Just tell me! We will create together spectacular visual effecs to make the artists shine.